“Building the Best Version of Yourself: How Positive Psychology Can Help Improve Your Life”

The Positive Psychology Workshop will aim to further student’s understanding of positive psychology in general, as well as provide them with scientifically supported happiness interventions that increase the positivity in their daily lives. During the course of the workshop, students will have the opportunity to practice an intervention together. Focus will be placed upon discussing characters strengths, gratitude, living a life of purpose and creating positive relationships. Students will be introduced to a wonderful new resource on campus, the Positive Psychology Institute for Emerging Adults, that is now available to continue to help them build the best version of themselves. 

Elisheva Bauman and Erin McKechnie

Department of Psychology


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About Sarah Feinbloom:

Sarah Feinbloom is an award-winning director, producer and editor whose work includes documentaries, dramatic narratives and fundraising videos. She is also the founder and director of GOOD DOCS - an educational distribution company specializing in human rights and social issue documentaries. Her latest project, What Do You Believe Now? - The Spiritual Journeys of American Millennials (2019) premiered at the 42nd Mill Valley Film Festival, is a new feature length follow up to her 2002 documentary What Do You Believe? - the Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers (2002). In the 2019 "before and after" film a Catholic, Pagan, Jew, Muslim, Lakota and Buddhist offer their deeply personal faith journeys, life challenges and evolving ideas about higher powers, the nature of suffering, religious intolerance and death.


The 2002 documentary aired on PBS stations and screened internationally at venues including the Mill Valley Film Festival, the National Association of Multicultural Educators and the American Academy of Religion. It was voted "One of Ten Best Videos for Young Adults in 2003" by the American Library Association and has shown at over 2000 schools and colleges in the U.S. and internationally. She also created and led workshops on interfaith dialogue and religious diversity. Her other projects include Earth Water Woman (2013) about Rastafarian women environmentalists in Trinidad, which premiered at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and her documentary on LGBTQI activists in Jamaica called Many Loves, One Heart (2017) premiered at Frameline Film Festival.Youth to Youth (1995) examines racism, rape, war, police brutality and growing up with violence through the eyes of the youth. She has led national workshops on violence prevention for schools, nonprofits and public health organizations. Her film Daughters and Sons Preventing Child-Trafficking in the Golden Triangle (2005), profiles a program that saves children from sex-trafficking,  and was featured on NPR, won the award for best Short in Child Advocacy at the Artivist Film Festival and helped raise over $250,000. In Search of the Heart of Chocolate (2008), premiered at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival and Which Way, Por Favor? (1999) an independent feature film was an indie festival favorite.

Friday, July 10, 2020


Free and open to the public



Hofstra University Virtual Event
Offered online
Hempstead, NY 11549-1000


Jackie Hulse

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