In the Footsteps of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade: Following the Americans who Fought Fascism in Spain

Join us for a lecture and discussion on the nearly 3,000 American women and men who volunteered to fight against fascism in Spain from 1936 to 1939. Who were they and what were some factors that may have contributed to their decision to volunteer? Why haven’t we learned about them in school or through textbooks?
How has their legacy been treated over the years in Spain? And why is keeping their legacy alive of the utmost importance for young Americans?

This session is open to all.

Moderator: Dr. Simon R. Doubleday, Professor of History, Hofstra University


Thursday, March 15
The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA) and the Spanish Civil War 

2:20-3:50 p.m.-- In the Footsteps of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade: Following the Americans who Fought Fascism in Spain (This session is open to all.)

4:30-6:30 p.m. -- Workshop for Teachers: How to Integrate the Spanish Civil War Into Your Social Studies Syllabus

Location for both: Multipurpose Room, Mack Student Center

Presented by the Hofstra Cultural Center


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Thursday, March 15, 2018





Multipurpose Rooms East and West, Student Center
Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center
Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549


Hofstra Cultural Center

Phone: 516-463-5669
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