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Fine Arts and Writing Studies are ready to share the Images and Words HCLAS contest.  Below are the directions with the submission link via Google forms. 

Images and Words


A Contest for HCLAS Students in Spring 2020

Let’s see.

Let’s see things differently.  


Oftentimes, we look at an ordinary object and see it as it is -- its material, concrete nature absolute and unmoving.  Sometimes, we look at that same object and see it more abstractly; we note possible variations in its signification and meaning.  


The Challenge:

Use images and words in combination to make a powerful, important argument.



To begin, find one object in your everyday life and take twelve (12) photos of it, each view from a different vantage point.  In other words, if you select a glass of water, you must photograph the same glass from twelve different views.  You can take photographs with a smartphone or any other device.



Label each image with a defining term or phrase.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, a word just might be worth a thousand pictures.


If you can, repeat a morpheme (or part of a word) from one slide to the next, moving from concrete terms to more abstract terms.  For example, the first photo of the glass of water will be labelled “fluid” and the last “influence.”  The first photo will clearly signify the object’s material nature, the last photo its metaphorical nature.  For instance, for the first image, the glass will fill the frame; for the last image, the water in the class will distort, refract, or perhaps even reflect the photographer.


Use PowerPoint and arrange these twelve photos in an order that suggests the progression from concretion to abstraction, with the labels on each slide.  You decide how images and words interact.



Write a cogent paragraph (or two, no more than 300 words) explaining what you first saw and what you see now.



Click here to submit your entry by Monday, May 11, 2020 by 5:00 pm.   You may submit multiple entries.


Three prizes of $100.00 will be awarded.


One purpose of a Liberal Arts education is to learn to see differently, and it strikes us that today is the day to take another look.  Join us as we see things differently.



Wednesday, April 15, 2020



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